Guarantee of quality and authenticity of the work of art and collectibles.
All paintings and collectibles sold by GALERÍA d’Art MESTRAL, through the website of GALERÍA d’Art MESTRAL, susceptible of known authorship, and of authenticity, are sent to the buyer accompanied by their respective GUARANTEE OF AUTHENTICITY document, specifying its technical characteristics, quality and condition of unique work created by its legitimate author, not susceptible of legal reproduction.


All our material sold, benefits from the legal guarantee of conformity, and the guarantee of hidden defects, under the following legal conditions:
Article L.211-4 (Consumer Code): The seller is obliged to deliver a good in accordance with the contract and will be solely responsible for the defects of derivatives during shipment.
Article L.211-5 (Consumer Code): To respond to the conditions of the contract, the good must be suitable for use and, if not, correspond to the description given by the seller and have the characteristics that the latter has presented to the consumer by means of the form of a sample or model, and present the characteristics that a consumer can legitimately expect in terms of public statements made by the seller.