Candidature of Artists

If you are an artist and you participate in our same objective we offer you the opportunity to exhibit your work in our Gallery of Art Mestral

How to exhibit on the website of the Galería d’Art Mestral?

Send us an email to , along with the photographs of your selection of works (minimum 4). Detail the concrete measures of the works sent and their sale price to the public. It also describes the work and the support.
Our answer will be concrete for each artist, where we will detail, directly, our conditions.


A selection of the artists that exhibit on our website, may show your work directly, whenever it is of your interest, in our Gallery of Art Mestral de L’Escala  in the special exhibition season 2018.

During the four summer months, the available space can be distributed, without discarding other special exhibitions, during the rest of the year.

For 30 years now, we have promoted art by making it available to everyone. Initially we could only offer this opportunity in our Gallery d’Art Mestral in L’Escala, Costa Brava (Girona – Spain).

Today, we allow you to enter your home directly to show a wide range of pictorial art, to excite the most demanding, satisfying the possibility of purchase in a simple, simple and exciting way.

To buy in Galería d’Art Mestral “on line” </ em> is to participate in our sincere objective of democratizing art. We feel fully interpenetrated and accomplices of the objective with our selected artists.

We select creative styles and techniques that integrate the objective diversity of pictorial art. Without pretensions, our goal is to reach the entire European level, without ruling out other spaces in the rest of the world.

Totally open, the Art Gallery Mestral, offers to the entire artistic cast, their mutual collaboration.